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Training Provider Toolkit


The Purpose of the Training Provider Toolkit is to allow an Training institution to implement a Quality Management System for Accreditation.
The Content of the Training Provider Toolkit is structured in a systematic process (Phase to Step to Phase Process). This allows the implementer to implement the Quality System in a project methodology manner, without the use of a consultant.
The Content varies from Tutorials, Case Studies and Tools.
Tutorials  –    The Tutorials is a short “how to” training module for each step of    the process, educating the implementer on how to use the tools per step.
Case Study – The Case study is a example of how another company namely “      Train Tech” used the Tools to implement the step at hand.
Tools –           The Tools is designed in Microsoft Office so the user / organisation do not have any extra ‘licence fees” costs. The Tools is easy to use with instructions on “how to”

Development of a Toolkit to help about 600 SMME’s implement their own management systems as required by their respective ETQA’s (Pilot with 5 ETQA’s).  This also included a one day awareness workshop for the SMME’s

The following SETAS had input in the development of the Toolkit :