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ISO 22000 Food Safety Toolkit


What it is
ISO 22000 is a generic food safety management system standard.
ISO 22000 defines food safety requirements that apply to all organizations functioning in the food planning, production and distribution business to prevent human health related risks and effects.

    From this successful project  (our customer BARBEQUE RIB MANUFACTURERS were the first SABS ISO 22000 certified company in South Africa ) ,  we developed the popular ISO 22000 Food Safety ToolKit

    The Purpose of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Toolkit is to allow an organisation to implement a International Certified Food Safety Management System namely “ ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification”.
    The Content of the
    ISO 22000 Toolkit is structured in a systematic process (Phase to Step to Phase Process). This allows the implementer to implement the Food Safety System in a project methodology manner, without the use of a consultant.
    The Content varies from Tutorials, Case Studies and Tools.
    Tutorials  –   The Tutorials is a short “how to” training module for each step of    the process, educating the implementer on how to use the tools per step.
    Case Study – The Case study is a example of how another company namely “      Food Corp” used the Tools to implement the step at hand.
    Tools –           The Tools is designed in Microsoft Office so the user / organisation do not have any extra ‘licence fees” costs. The Tools is easy to use with instructions on “how to”
    Videos –        Various Training Videos is included into the Toolkit. The training videos can be used for employee training and capacitation.
    This Product was trailed and tested in various food organisations. One of the participants of the Toolkit received the President’s award from the South African Bureau of Standards on the best Food safety Management System in South Africa in 2008.  They were also the first organisation to get
    ISO 22000 Certification.

    What we offer
    When Revworth entered the Food and Beverage sector in 2004 and after a request was tabled by various clients for a “SIMPLE AND USER FRIENDLY SYSTEM”, we followed our proven methodology:

    Develop an electronic management system  ( intranet based system using Microsoft Word and, Excel )
    Implement the system – ( user training, administrator training, audit )
    Capacitate the client
    Achieve formal certification from a recognized accreditation body