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ISO 9001 Toolkit


What it is
ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard. Organisations implement ISO standards in order to ensure quality deliverables, lower production and service costs, meet legislative requirements, and ensure their customers of continuous quality deliverables that differentiates them from their competitors. The implementation of ISO ensures the management of processes and process controls. It ensures that organisations have the necessary procedures in place to prevent incidents within the business as well as manage deviation from quality requirements. Quality management systems are auditable and certified by certified quality auditors internationally.

ISO 9001:2015  ToolKit 
The Purpose of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Toolkit is to allow an organisation to implement a International Certified Quality Management System namely “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification”.

The Content of the ISO 9000 Toolkit is structured in a systematic process (Phase to Step to Phase Process). This allows the implementer to implement the Quality System in a project methodology manner, without the use of a consultant.

The Content varies from Tutorials, Case Studies and Tools:
  • Tutorials: The Tutorials is a short “how to” training module for each step of the process, educating the implementer on how to use the tools per step.
  • Case Study: The Case study is a example of how another company namely “Steel Tech” used the Tools to implement the step at hand.
  • Tools: The CD Tools is designed in Microsoft Office so the user/organisation do not have any extra ‘license fees” costs. The Tools is easy to use with instructions on “how to” perform various implementation tasks.

What we offer

ISO IMPLEMENTATION - Full ISO 9001 System development, implementation, training and support
ISO 9001 GAP ANALYSIS – readiness check for upcoming audit or compliance check
ISO 9001 AWARENESS TRAINING – can be customised to your company products / focus / sector
SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT – development of identified suppliers to meet your set standards